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27Jul 2016

Visit the Aqueduct Park

One of the most beautiful natural outdoor film sets in Rome is the Aqueduct Park, a vast green area parallel to the Via Tuscolana.

Along its area you can find seven Roman and papal aqueducts: Anio Vetus, Aqua Marcia, Aqua Tepula, Aqua Iulia e Acqua Felice, Aqua Claudia and Anio Novus.

The park is a charming cluster of ruins of the Roman countryside that has attracted throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries for its beauty a large number of artists and travelers.

You can reach the Park of the Aqueducts from the line A metro stations Subaugusta, Lucio Sestio, Giulio Agricola or by car from Via Lemonia, Via delle Capannelle o Viale Appio Claudio.

The Novotel Rome Eur hotel wishes all its guests a good visit.


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